OBSOLETO publish self-made videoclip for “Insane”, from their debut album

The first official video clip of OBSOLETO (Argentina) is now available on their YouTube channel, for the song “Insane”, from their most recent album and one of the live audience’s favorites. 

This production was brought up entirely self-managed by the band, with Patricio Y. Puyó, guitarist of the band, officiating as director for his first time, along with a large cast of collaborators:

Direction, production, and editing: Patricio Y. Puyó,

Direction of Photography: Lucia Spiller,

Art Direction: Erick Guerrero Rivera,

Assistants: Mateo Monteverde and Joaquín Levy,

Location: India Bar,

Technical team: Tulumba Cinema.

The video tells the story of an artificial intelligence (played by Roberto D. Wolk, lead singer of the band) that becomes self-aware and tries to rebel against the system that controls it. Said conscience succumbs to dementia while looking for a way to escape from the reality that oppresses it.

OBSOLETO will be performing on Saturday, August 6 at 11:30 p.m., for the first time officially, at Vade Music Bar, along with THE FALLEN OF SPARTAENAUSENCIA and SHACRAM. Advance tickets available.

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