DEVILPRIEST – In Repugnant Adoration LP / CD


Odium Records announces signing a contract with Devilpriest to release their new album. The successor to the debut material issued in 2017 is called In Repugnant Adoration.

The album will be released in autumn as CD and LP format. The band consists of musicians of Anima DamnataImperator and Embrional.

Devilpriest is a band dedicated to the spirit of the 90’s underground. In Repugnant Adoration was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio. You can expect pure, bestial Death/Black Metal. The album will contain 7 repulsive adorations:

1.       Adoration  / Shem-ham-forash

2.       The Black Milk of Lilith

3.       The Eye of Set

4.       Walpurgis

5.       Ritual Command

6.       Flesh Sculpted Out of Filth / Deliverance

7.       Flowing Downwards

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