Dutch grindcore beasts TEETHGRINDER reveal second single from upcoming album!


TEETHGRINDER from the Netherlands have always looked in disbelief at what mankind is doing to itself and the planet it lives on. Disgust, revulsion, suffering and despair – it’s emotions like these that serve as the creative driving force behind the songwriting of the band from Zwolle.

The quartet packs all its rage and aggression into songs that reflect exactly that. The aptly titled “Dystopia” third album develops uncomfortably, radically and musically destructive. And it does so in a different yet agile, always threatening way. In view of song titles like ,Birthed Into Suffering’, ,Disgrace’, ,Blood Ritual’, ,Our Failing Species’ or ,Worthless’ it can’t be any other way. At the end of their third album, the group around former members of DrDoom and Greyline, active since 2013, draws a resigned conclusion with ,As I Believe The World To Be, So It Is’ and the title track ,Dystopia’.

As on the two predecessors “Misanthropy” (2015) and “Nihilism” (2016) – both also on LIFEFORCE RECORDS – TEETHGRINDER rely on a sound base between grindcore and death metal. Elements from crust, hardcore and black metal round out the stylistic spectrum of the Dutchmen.

On the third album, one thing stands in the foreground: the Dutchmen consistently rely on relentless attacks and a gloomy extreme sound that makes its listeners restless and frightened. How could it be otherwise in view of the threatening scenery of a “Dystopia”! And even when TEETHGRINDER slow down the tempo, their tracks sound bitter and disillusioned.


05.11.22 BE – Louvain-la-Neuve @ Mass Deathtruction Festival

06.11.22 DE – Göttingen @ Freihafen

07.11.22 NL – Leusden @ Fort 33

8.11.22  DE – Essen @ Turock

11.11.22 FR – Tignieu Jameyzieu @ Le Triolet

12.11.22 DE – Aalen @ Haus der Jugend

13.11.22 AT – Innsbruck @ PMK

14.11.22 SLO – Maribor @ MC Pekarna

15.11.22 AT – Wien @ Viper Room

16.11.22 SK – Nitra @ Frankie Rock Club

17.11.22 CZ – Ostrava @ Barrak Music Club

18.11.22 CZ – Praha @ Rock Cafe

19.11.22 AT – Klagenfurt @ Volkxhaus


Dystopia track list

Ascendance  4:19

Birthed Into Suffering  2:00

Worthless  3:43

Blood Ritual  4:07

Disgrace  3:57

Our Failing Species  6:06

God Complex  3:43

Cloaked  8:39

As I Believe The World To Be, So It Is  3:19

Dystopia  8:17


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