NIGHT LEGION introduce new vocalist, re-sign with Massacre Records

Following a successful tours, two of them with Ross The Boss, in support of their self-titled debut album (released in 2017), it became a bit quiet around NIGHT LEGION and COVID-19 shook the world.

During this time, the band bid farewell to both vocalist Vo Simpson as well as drummer Dom Simpson.

Meanwhile, the band has welcomed its new vocalist Louie Gorgievski, and original drummer Clay T rejoined the band as well.

Louie worked previously on Stu Marshall’s solo album, and most recently with the power metal project Arkenstone. During the writing sessions for Arkenstone, it was clear that Louie was a perfect fit with his meticulous approach to crafting face melting performances and hook-laden vocal lines.

NIGHT LEGION posted a short video to mark the occasion, check it out on

But wait, there’s more!

NIGHT LEGION have also re-signed with Massacre Records, and are currently working on their second album, which is expected to be released in 2023.

NIGHT LEGION’s new vocalist: Louie Gorgievski

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