WYRMS set release date for new PURITY THROUGH FIRE album, reveal first track


Purity ThroughFire announces September 15th as the international release date for Wyrms‘ highly anticipated fourth album, Sarkhral Lumænor – La lueur contre les fléaux, on CD format.

One of the most tyrannical and melodic black metal bands from France returns with their latest opus to bring light and burn the parasites and blights of the fallen western kingdom. Indeed, while hailing from the always-exciting French black metal scene, Wyrms have often been overlooked despite plugging away on an invigorating discography. Theirs is a wild ‘n’ winding sort of black metal shot through melancholy and malice, romanticism and ruination, rats clawing their way upward from the gutters of medieval Europe. Their previous three full-lengths have nonetheless endeared Wyrms to a diehard fanbase.

However, based on the power and poignancy of the band’s brand-new Sarkhral Lumænor – La lueur contre les fléaux, the name Wyrms should surely be on the tongues of far more black metallers soon enough. Led, as ever, by the iron fist of founder Tedd, Wyrms‘ multihued attack explodes right from the beginning, whipping forth an insanely melodic dervish that’s impossible to deny. Truly, the roots stretching back to the late ’90s school of melodic black metal are here in full force, but the uniquely maudlin touch of the Francophile medieval scene is equally present, skillfully bridging past, present, and future. And with the shortest songs being six-and-a-half minutes and the longest nearly topping 10, it goes without saying that Sarkhral Lumænor – La lueur contre les fléaux personifies the word EPIC.

Maniacs for Sühnopfer, Véhémence, Darkenhöld, Ungfell, and especially stylistic lynchpins Sacramentum, you’ve met your medieval match with Wyrms‘ Sarkhral Lumænor – La lueur contre les fléaux!

Get medieval with the brand-new track “L’envoyé des flammes” HERE at Purity Through Fire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Wyrms’ Sarkhral Lumænor – La lueur contre les fléaux
1. La messe de l’épée [6:32]
2. Fort blanc et bêtes noires [6:23]
3. Entre gueux et rats [6:27]
4. Trouble mort [6:26]
5. L’envoyé des flammes [7:11]
6. Dans l’hiver et dans la nuit [9:57]


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