HOMESKIN Releases New Album ‘Life’s Wishes To Tears’


HOMESKIN, the solo project of Garry Brents (Cara Neir/Gonemage) has released Life’s Wishes To Tears on all digital platforms. HOMESKIN is considered a counterpart to his other solo project GONEMAGE. Where GONEMAGE is thematically set in video game-like dream realms utilizing experimentation of electronics and chiptune with black metal and punk, HOMESKIN is grounded in day-to-day reality while still musically pushing boundaries within black metal and treated more like a cryptic diary rather than an arc of fantasy-fiction.

Garry comments: “Life’s Wishes to Tears, like all HOMESKIN was composed in a short period of time (roughly 5 days) to fill a need for spontaneity, which I’m happy to continue as a release pattern for this project. This album is a further exploration of the sound on the ‘Each Day Orbital’ album from April. The melancholy of hazy black metal with influences from post-hardcore, screamo, and noise rock interjecting across the album. The overall blend of this energy is then filtered and synergized with the intentional tape-wobbling production, a signature sound for HOMESKIN that started on the ‘Integument Crystallization’ album.”



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