AWAKEN THE MISOGYNIST continue to ‘shed light on the atrociousness of man’ with debut album, Descended From Vast Dimensions

In 2020 international brutal death metal collective Awaken The Misogynist announced themselves to the world in suitably violent and abrasive fashion with the three track Abuse Of Consumption EP – a release which set out the concept behind their challenging name, that of mankind destroying the earth, Mother Nature, with their endless obsession with the advancement of technology. As vocalist Jameson Blomgren put it, this band are here to “shed light on the atrociousness of man through talking about the uncomfortable things that we continue to ignore”. Well things are about to get a hell of a lot more uncomfortable with the release of new full length debut album, Descended From Vast Dimensions

Including the three bursts of rage that made up Abuse Of Consumption, along with nine brand new wicked nail bombs of slamming brutality, black humor and an even blacker vision of the future, Descended From Vast Dimensions is an explosion of obscene power. Ugly tracks like ‘Crimson Horror’ and ‘Infinite Regression’ grind the listener’s face into the sordid reality of modern society, delivering venomous justice with spine-splitting savagery. This is a punishing ride through depravity and darkness, but one that hits you with an adrenaline high as it empties a full magazine into your guts. The level of focused ferocity might seem insane for such a new band, but then the members of Awaken The Misogynist are all battle hardened troops from death metal’s front lines, with tours of duty with CrepitationEnigmatikSlamentationFacelift DeformationBodysnatch and more under their belts. They know just how to deliver a barrage of brutality with maximum deadly effect.

With Comatose Music’s undisputed muscle behind them, Awaken The Misogynist are prepared to spread their vision of disgrace and disgust throughout the world – a rude awakening for the blind and ignorant sleep walking to their doom and dragging the planet with them. The fuse will be lit on September 9th and the furious artillery of Descended From Vast Dimensions will discharge its payload of death.

Feel the fury of Awaken The Misogynist now at the Comatose Music YouTube channel – where first single ‘The Cleansing Of Ignorance’ is streaming now!

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