Extreme Metal Virtuosos JONAVA Release New Album “Even Death Will Die” 


Lithuania and Knoxville, TN’s extreme metal masters Jonava (pronounced “Yo-nuh-vuh”) return with their latest full length, “Even Death Will Die.” Not content to repeat their past musical endeavors, the duo unleash 9 tracks of what some are referring to as “blackened death metal” and “blackened deathgazer metal.” Members Arthur Ramsey and Ryan Fishel once again push the boundaries of their instruments by combining the buzzsaw ferocity and screeching and guttural wails of black metal with the mellow and dreamy atmosphere of shoegaze and the deep melodic vocals of bands like Type O Negative and the likes.

Recorded in both Lithuania and the U.S., “Even Death Will Die” features guitar reamping from Zach Householder (Whitechapel) and eye-catching cover art from metal instrumentalist / producer / graphic designer Jani Stefanovic (Miseration, Crimson Moonlight) of Dreamdecipher Productions. When listening to the album, it will come as no surprise that its blend of dark soundscapes with buoyant lyrics was recorded in the transitions between the bleak and cold dark winters and revitalizing warmth of the springs in two very distinct regions of the world.

Even Death Will Die” is available right now here

You can connect with Jonava through their Facebook page right here.

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