Metalcore Outfit BLEED LIKE MYLEE Debut New Single “Kiss of Death”


KickBoxer inspired metalcore outfit, BLEED LIKE MYLEE, have debuted their first single, “Kiss of Death” from upcoming album Nuk Soo Kow, due out August 12th. Stream the track HERE.

Mastermind Joseph Izayea had this to say, “I’m superbly stoked and still chuckling while I announce the release of the Bleed Like Mylee debut EP’s advanced single; KISS OF DEATH. Work on this ridiculous project was undertaken in almost complete secrecy during the production or release of the newly dropped or coming soon stuff from Seeking Sirens, Sour Times, From Under Concrete Kings, and also the Harder Truths record…

Josh, Doug and I are thrilled to finally see this lunacy fueled endeavor begin to see the daylight, and sincerely hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it!



BLEED LIKE MYLEE is a hard-hitting metalcore five-piece delivering crushing breakdowns, epic choruses, and gut-punching songwriting all absurdly packaged in tribute to the movie KickBoxer featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Fans of acts like AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, and OKILLY DOKILLY should easily find enjoyment in the debut EP Nuk Soo Kow which stands to leave some bruises on 2022.

Drunken brainchild of maniac operator Joseph Izayea, (SEEKING SIRENS, FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS, SOUR TIMES) Josh Previte, (FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS, PATIENT 0) and Doug Waite, (TO DIE THIS NIGHT, GAMOHRA) the concept so long fantasized about during rehearsals in other bands crossed into reality with the writing and recording of their EP. The band then rounded out their roster with longtime friends Jeremy Litton (PATIENT 0) and Armando Yambao (GALVANIZED) moving on to finalize the production of huge guitars and ferocious vocals to couple with a ridiculous concept video for the record’s title track. 
The EP is rife with references to KickBoxer’s storytelling in both the lyrics and song titles, and clearly illustrates Joseph’s audacity as it arrives hot off of his very recent releases of Harder Truths in November 2021 and the debut SEEKING SIRENS EP, Departing Ways of May 2022. 

The band plans to release the EP’s first advance single “Kiss of Death” on July 15th and are planning to announce some limited east coast performances being scheduled for the coming months.

BLEED LIKE MYLEE’s debut Nuk Soo Kow will be available in its entirety on most streaming platforms and will release in tandem with the title track’s concept video on the Do Work YouTube channel August 5th.

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Nuk Soo Kow Tracklist:

  1. Kiss Of Death
  2. Now Kiki Even Too
  3. Kick The Tree
  4. Stone City
  5. Nuk Soo Kow

Learn more about JOSEPH IZAYEA HERE

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