MORTAL AGONY releases music video for “Breathing under water”

Mortal Agony have always stood for the very hard tones. For more than two decades, the Bayreuthers have been weaving various styles of metal together. Grindcore, Death Metal and various Core influences ensure the still unmistakable sound. Mortal Agony don’t care about trends, but always reflect the musical taste of the individual musicians when it comes to forging destructive tunes. Four longplayers and two EPs Mortal Agony brought to the people in their history so far and now with the EP “Breathing under water” they release an extreme metal blade straight from a burning hammer mill. Back to basics, “Breathing under water” is more the style from Mortal Agony’s earlier work – subtly dirty Deathgrind reminiscent of the band’s early days. Subgenres like grindcore and black metal have more space this time than hardcore and slam metal, all “back to the roots”. With Dawid Lehner and Michael Fuchs (both ex-Mindtrap) there is also a refreshing pinch of Chaos-Core in the poison goblet. Even after a few hundred shows at home and abroad, the six Bayreuthers can still get excited about playing live, just like on the first day.


„Necrobutchering“, Chainsaw Fisting Records
„Receptive for chaos“, Chainsaw Fisting Records
3-Track Demo,
„Dobermann“, Rising Nemesis Records, Onlinevertrieb, Darktunes Musicgroup
„No place to hide“, Heretic Visions Records, Twilight Vertriebsgesellschaft
„Bomb solution“ EP, Darktunes Music Group


Dawid Hilgers-Lehner Vocals
Wolfgang Mudder Vocals
Frank Schrödel Guitar
Michael Fuchs Guitar
Matthias Beck Bass
Wolfgang Ostermann Drums

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