SISTEMA DIEZ publishes Contra Todo Pronóstico, new record, and announces events in Argentina and Chile

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After successfully presenting their record last Saturday, July 16 at Casa ColomboSISTEMA DIEZ publishes their new EP, Contra Todo Pronóstico (Against all odds), on streaming platforms, which also represents its first studio release after arriving in Argentina. To promote it, the band released a video clip for its broadcast single “El Plan”, now available on its YouTube channel. Then, they will be playing on Saturday, August 6 at the Bula Cultural Club for their first time, and later they will embark on a series of events in Chile, which will run from Thursday, August 18 to Sunday, August 21, travelling from Santiago to Valparaíso back and forth.

Contra Todo Pronóstico was originally planned to be a 10-song EP, conceived in a hostile context in Venezuela, prior to their imminent trip to Argentina. Already on Argentine soil, while they rearranged their respective lives, they began to resume this saved project and to play on Buenos Aires and other stages from this country.

Drums and bass for the now 6-song EP were originally recorded by Miguel de Donato at Probos Studio, Venezuela, while the recording of vocals and guitars, as well as mixing and mastering, were done by Seba Barrionuevo (MEDIUM) at FDM Studios. Additionally, the final production of voice work was a product of Cristian Rodríguez experience (AVERNAL, THE KILLING), and the cover art was the product of great work by Argentine artist Javier “Ninja” Olazábal.

Both the title and the art of the album represent the status quo of the band as this EP began to take shape: trapped inside a harsh storm, which reflects the crisis, its eventual uprooting, and the subsequent pandemic time soon after their arrival, but still visualizing a border, a shore to reach to resurface stronger.



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