EATEN BY SHARKS Question Survival Extremes In “Dead Weight” Off Upcoming Album “Eradication” Out Aug 2022

L-R – Tyler Abrams (Bass) | Justin Whitehead (Drums) | Matt Sherriff (Vocals) | Chris Chaperon (Lead Guitar) | Dan Okowinsky (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Lisa Thompson

The ocean is a vast, unforgiving world where things can go horribly awry. This is the topic of Eaten By Sharks’ latest single “Dead Weight” off the upcoming album “Eradication” – a technical death metal horror story that takes a deep dive into the gruesome possibilities that can result from daring to enter the untamed sea.

The single hits quickly, revealing some of the hells we face out on the open waters, alone out in the elements, what will you do to survive? What would you do in the fight for your life while battling infection and madness? Will you leave a trail of carnage behind you? These questions are presented alongside down-picked speed chugging, odd times, progressive movements, and a punishing ending. The band comments on the song:

“’Dead Weight’ is the follow-up to the punishing groove of ‘Shallow Water’. No intro, No standing around, just straight into the madness! This song is the fastest that we offer on the album, the most aggressive and progressive. Lyrically, Matt whips up another nautical disaster story, shipwrecked and alone. To what atrocities man will resort, to stay alive? His vocals are put to task, he keeps up to tempo, pulls out all the stops, and delivers yet another perfectly matched vocal performance, punctuated with a squeal that slurps up the grime from the deepest trench that the ocean has to offer.”

Eaten By Sharks was hatched out of a desire to start a punishing metal project and as soon as the moment was right, the heavy techy riffs started flowing. Adding blast beats and breakdowns to them along with a healthy appetite for horror movies, the band was formed with a campy nautical horror theme and serious musicianship.

With elements of slam, thrash and deathcore, Eaten By Sharks up the ante when it comes to technical death metal. Fans of Cattle Decapitation, Revocation, and Gojira will be especially interested in testing the waters.

The music video for “Dead Weight” can be seen via its premiere on Slamworldwide –​

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The full album “Eradication” will be available on August 26, 2022.

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Music Video – “Shallow Water” –

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Track Listing:
1. Shallow Water – 4:16
2. Dead Weight – 3:12
3. Kill and consume – 4:06
4. Same Face, Different Mask – 4:26
5. Depth Charge – 3:07
6. Apex Predator – 3:20
7. Megalodon – 4:55
Album Length: 27:24

Eaten By Sharks is:
Matt Sherriff – Vocals
Chris Chaperon – Lead Guitar
Dan Okowinsky– Rhythm Guitar
Tyler Abrams – Bass
Justin Whitehead – Drums

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Eaten By Sharks
• All songs written by: Eaten By Sharks
• Produced by: Christian Donaldson
• Mixed by: Christian Donaldson
• Mastered by: Christian Donaldson
• Album Artwork by: Shindy Design
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

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