UK death metal stalwarts DE PROFUNDIS return with a new full length

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Long-running UK death metal band De Profundis have returned with the most extreme sounding album of their career yet while retaining the melodic sensibilities that they’re known for over the years. The result is an exceptional album that has a lot going on at all times and is challenging and addictive in its own way. The musicianship in particular is outstanding. You can listen to two of their songs at the moment on Bandcamp HERE and YouTube (below) with more lined up to be premiered shortly. 


De Profundis (UK) – The Corruption of Virtue (Death Metal)

Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – October 7th, 2022
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Death, (early) At The Gates, Carcass, Martyr, Opeth, Sepulchral Curse, Live Burial, Cerebrum

Most bands mellow with age but nearly two decades since their inception, UK’s death metal stalwarts De Profundis have only evolved to become more and more extreme with each album, their latest probably being their most intense, aggressive and challenging release till date. The musicianship too has only grown over the years and the accomplished members are setting new standards for themselves with each one and complementing each other better than ever before. The interplay is absolutely remarkable on this one with the songwriting being way more intricate and engaging. The album almost comes across as a technical death metal one, with various facets revealing themselves upon repeat listens and parts clicking together as a whole. They’ve expanded upon their newly belligerent form of death metal while carefully counterbalancing it with emotive melodies which has been their forte since years, and the result is a terrific and impressive blend of sound that only a few can manage to pull off without overdoing either of it. The album is an absolute treat for any fan of death metal who likes his music to be demanding, engrossing and well thought out.

Line up –
Vocals – Craig Land
Guitars – Shoi Sen (Monument of Misanthropy)
Guitars – Paul Nazarkardeh (Monument of Misanthropy)
Drums – Tom Atherton
Bass – Steve Woodcock

Artwork by Alex Tartsus (DepravitySepulchral Curse)

Track list –
1. Ritual Cannibalism 
2. Sectarian Warfare 
3. Relentless March 
4. Weaponised Rape 
5. Embrace Dystopia 
6. Desecrating Innocence 
7. Religious Cancer 
8. Scapegoat 
9. The Sword Verses

De Profundis Bandcamp

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De Profundis Facebook

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Transcending Obscurity Europe Store

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