German Metal discovery IMPACT APPROVED Present “Golden Age” Live Video

From  Into the Fray album out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Uwe composed “Golden Age“ back in April 2020. This was also our first song with an ultra atmospheric intro and we were -and still are- really thrilled about it.

Golden Age“ tries to summon positive thinking in times of great despair, be it worldwide crises and collective suffering and/or solitary battles against inner demons and personal flaws that have to be fought alone.
It is also the belief that human beings have divine qualities in them and that we should find those qualities within us and use them for a greater purpose. May light overcome darkness and may we all witness the “Golden Age“ that will be enabled by a collective but also a very individual evolution of mankind to more truth, more compassion, more kindness, more democracy, and more love.
“You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” – Charles Bukowski

The video was filmed in Bremen at Schlachthof 26.5.22. We supported the mighty Heaven Shall Burn during their Neuland Exkursion tour. It was awesome! A big thank you goes to Patrick Butt, our little girl for everything. He did some of the filmings. He also did our Isolation video.

German melodic death metal band Impact Approved was founded by Uwe and Philipp in 2018. The style of music was clear from the beginning: traditional melodic Death Metal with some modern style influences.
After a few changes in the band’s lineup, Impact Approved started working on their debut “Into the Fray”, which has been released in late 2021 via Wormholedeath worldwide.


Impact Approved are:
Philipp Kock – Vocals
Uwe Reese – Drums
Armin Witt – Guitars
Maurice Zwoch – Bass

Impact Approved online

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