LEGENDARIUM Release New Song “The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls”


LEGENDARIUM have unveiled the new heavy offering, “The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls”. The track is on the new Strange and Unusual Sounds Volume 3 compilation which was put out by Euphoriadic. Venturing further into experimental realms, the new single marks the next step in the band’s evolution seeing death metal influences and harsh vocals included for the first time. It’s a dark and gloomy descent into the haunting depths. 

Laurence Kerbov comments: 

“Really excited about the release of this song. Since it’s for Strange and Unusual Sounds I chose to experiment a bit and add some strange and unusual sounds myself, and I’m really happy with how it turned out!”


Drawing music inspiration predominantly from older heavy metal and punk of the ’80s and ’90s, LEGENDARIUM’s sound is generally very based around the conventions put in place by bands like BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, MEGADETH, and MOTORHEAD. Punk elements reminiscent of bands like MISFITS, BAD RELIGION also bleed through LEGENDARIUM’s music. The band began in 2017 as the brainchild of Netherland’s based Laurence Kerbov. In need of a drummer Italy-based Stefano Vaccari joined the line-up seeing the project develop remotely with neither members having met in person. The duo’s upcoming album has also been very influenced by death metal, specifically the sound of Scandinavian melodeath bands like IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES, and CHILDREN OF BODOM. aspects of other styles, including gothic rock, doom metal, power metal, and blues rock can also be unearthed in their sound. With themes and narratives crossing the realms of fantasy and the apocalyptic, LEGENDARIUM unveil moral conflicts and human nature through their portrayal of the heroic. “The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls” fuses soaring cleans, intricate guitar leads and thundering percussion, with demonic growls and dominating distortion. Ferocious high speed riffs power the momentum of the track, while clean vocals soar above. The darkness is unleashed with the dynamic change in tone across the instrumentation, the fiery appearance of harsh vocals, and gothic edge brought by the the choral spoken word section. 

“The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls” emerges out of the murky shadows, bringing a cabal of dissidents to the ghostly ceremony. LEGENDARIUM, through a dynamic concoction of dynamic instrumental textures and compelling musical arrangement, bring forth a fantastical tale of bloodthirsty sacrifice.

Laurence Kerbov on vocals, guitars, bass, and keyboards.
Stefano Vaccari on drums.

2017 – Legendarium EP
2019 – Astral Firestorm, full-length
2020 – Reign in Repose, full-length concept album
2022 – Under the Spell of Destruction, full-length 

Tape release of the previous album:

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