Base Record Production Set Release Date For DIABOLICAL RAW – Elegy of Fire Dusk


Base Record Production announce September 25th as the international release date for Diabolical Raw‘s highly anticipated second full-length album, Elegy of Fire Dusk.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
1. Revelations
2. Commands of the Gods
3. Wise Old Woman
4. Entry into Erlik’s Hell
5. Tilgen’s Fall
6. Face the Judgement
7. Uprising
8. Talking With Gods
9. The Invincible Army
10. The Last War With Evil
11. The Last War With Evil II
12. The Council at the Asar Land
13. Epic Grandeur

DIABOLICAL RAW_cover220809

Diabolical Raw entered the Turkish Exteme Metal scene in Izmir in 1998 with the name “Diabolical”. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, many unforgettable stage performances in Izmir and other cities made the band heard throughout the all country. In 2005, their first EP record “Daimonion” was released. The problems experienced due to the frequent change of band members continued throughout the recordings of “Daimonion” and in the period after the release of the record. As a result of this situation, which often slowed down the album work and could not be overcome, the band stopped its work in 2007.

In 2019, the band started working again with Ozan Tunç (Drums) and Ozan Erkmen (Vocals) from the last line-up. Having used the name Diabolical since 1998, the band chose to change it to Diabolical Raw. With this small change, it was aimed to keep the legacy of everyone who has worked for the band from past to present, and to make a strong new beginning and to herald the band’s fans.

The creation process of the album “Estrangement”, which started in March 2019, was completed in May. The album, consisting of nine songs, one of which is instrumental, Intro and Outro, was recorded in Izmir. All Instrument and Orchestration recordings, Mixaj and Mastering were made by Ozan Tunç. As the concept theme in the story of the album; It describes a schizophrenic character, who is alienated from society and whose hatred towards him intensifies over time, isolates himself from people, turns into a serial killer in the ongoing process, and is caught between his own character and the struggle of many evil characters he has created in his mind, with intense metaphors and a poetic way.

After the completion of the recordings, the Cover Art work started with Ozan Erkmen’s new logo design, and the Booklet design was completed with the joint cooperation of Umut Sergin, Kurtuluş Fenercioğlu, Ozan Erkmen and Mukadder Karaoğlan. After completing all the materials necessary for the album, the band signed with the Japanese label Hidden Marly Production. The album was released on September 25, 2019.

Diabolical Raw started working on the second album after a year passed; but unfortunately, they slowed down their work due to the pandemic that put the whole world music market into a deep crisis. However the work on second album continued slowly but surely. In the fall of 2021, the recording of the second album “Elegy Of Fire Dusk” was completed. As the first album, all instruments and orchestration were recorded by Ozan Tunc. And again in the second album, Mixing and Mastering were done by Ozan Tunc.

After the front cover work of Elegy Of Fire Dusk was completed with Mukadder Karaoğlan’s magnificent creation, the band signed with Spanish label Base Record Production. Elegy Of Fire Dusk have 13 songs in total, two of which are instrumental. Diabolical Raw wrote the lyrics for the second album, again based on a theme. Vocalist Ozan Erkmen wrote a short story using ancient Central Asian Turkish mythology. The story that develops around Kaygun, the daughter of a small Clan Leader, Aykora has many epic details such as Gods, bad and good spirits, the underworld, heroic stories, which are known in Ancient Central Asian Turkish Mythology.

On April 16, 2022, the album’s first single “Face the Judgment” met the audience on youtube and Bandcamp online platforms and was met with intense interest from the fans. Many Symphonic Extreme Metal fans, especially the fans of the band, are waiting excitedly for “Elegy Of Fire Dusk” to be released on September 25, 2022.

Diabolical Raw:
Ozan Erkmen
Ozan Tunc

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