SWARN released a new album “Whispers From Beyond”

The dynamic duo of the Tarbathian Death Metal act Swarn has released their new album “Whispers From Beyond” on the 08th August of the dreadful year 2022.
The album unites eerie landscapes from two different sources: Firstly, it contains cosmic visions familiar to the followers of Lovecraftian horror which was mostly crafted already back in 2019 but only now really awoke due to the call of the right stars.

On the other hand, the album has forced to provide room for the 20-minute long mini-epic “Abysmal Hallucinations”, which springs from Ugric soul journeys gone terribly wrong (initially released in the autumn of 2021 as limited tape).

Whispers From Beyond” will spread its sombre message altogether on three mediums – on traditional CD as 2-fold Digipak (Warhorn Records), tape cassette (Stuka Records) and as a collaboration between Guano and Warhorn Records on vinyl through Bandcamp.


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