Comatose Music unleash SERMON OF MOCKERY’s mind rending Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide EP!


Back in 2014 vocalist Johnny Paoline (Mortal Decay) joined forces with a Ukrainian band that in 2017 would adopt the name Sermon Of Mockery. Together they recorded an EP of furious, brutal death metal that combined supreme extremity, bludgeoning blunt force trauma and a wickedly chaotic, off kilter creativity. And then time drifted and the affairs of the world intervened, leaving this EP to gather dust instead of victims…until now. Now the wait is finally over and the terrifying insanity of Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide is set to be released!

In the years since Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide was recorded the extreme music scene has evolved and countless bands have pushed at the boundaries of brutality. Yet these four tracks have lost none of their shocking impact and their ability to leave listeners beaten, bloody and breathless. With the application of massive, reality warping force, Sermon Of Mockery have stepped from the past and blasted their way straight into the vanguard of the most challenging practitioners of the deathly arts. Disconcerting riffs land bruising blows from unexpected angles, while the human tornado, Lev Kurgansky (Horror GodEzophogothmiaex-Fleshgore) propels the songs forward with his remorseless drum battery. Above the wild cacophony Johnny Paoline spews tales of murder, twisted experimentation and amphibious beasts! The result is a grotesque outburst of musical insanity that will drag you to the limits of your endurance and toss you unceremoniously over the edge.

Once Comatose Music had unearthed the bloodstained treasure of Sermon Of Mockery in their endless explorations of the deepest catacombs of extremity, it was only a matter of time before Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide would be unleashed. The date of your destruction has now been decreed – on October 7th Sermon of Mockery will launch their attack, sinking their jagged, broken teeth into your quailing, defenceless sanity

Experience the madness of Sermon Of Mockery at Slam Worldwide – where first single ‘Paralytic Wakening’ is streaming now!

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