Iranian Metalcore Band OUT OF NOWHERE Leave Their Home, Premiere Very Personal Music Video DYING SUN on DECIBEL

Artwork by: Dara Salmanian

The Iranian Metalcore outfit released their long-awaited song “Dying Sun” after settling in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 9th of August. Since the premiere of their last music video, “Blind Crow”, on Knotfest’s website, the band has been going through the hardships every immigrant faces. They captured these hardships in their latest creative endeavor, “Dying Sun”. Vocalist Amin says;

Dying Sun is closely tied to our immigration which was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. We had to leave our homes, families, jobs, and friends to pursue what we’ve worked hard for years because there was no room for progress for us in Iran. When we arrived in Turkey, we had to go through a hard process to achieve a decent standard of living which was one of the hardest times for our band. We intended to release new music sooner, but the immigration process didn’t let us do things on schedule. But thankfully, we managed to move through these issues.’

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Every immigrant will tell you how hard it is to leave everything behind and start a new life. Their new creative effort, Dying Sun sees Out of Nowhere, transfers all the raw emotions tied to the journey they’ve been through this past year, Amin continues;

‘This song is the chapter in our band’s personal diary about not letting go of our dreams in the face of adversity and working hard for the things we all believe in while also accepting the risks. I hope that Dying Sun will help anyone in a similar situation endure and keep pushing to achieve what they believe in. We chose the name Dying Sun because we are all like suns that move closer to their end each day, but we also try to keep shining despite that.’
The Turkish scene is far superior for local artists than Iran because, unlike in Iran, artists in Turkey are permitted to perform live shows and even perform at big festivals without any unnecessary concerns like government intervention. Out of Nowhere is currently working towards performing local shows in Turkey. Fans should expect several singles and eventually a twelve-song LP in the future.

Dying Sun was mixed and mastered by Joonas Vuojolahti at Cold Truth Music Studios. The music video was made by Darken Rush.

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More About The Band:

Out of Nowhere first emerged from the Iranian Metal Scene in 2010. Initially influenced by Nu-Metal and Alternative acts such as System of a Down and Slipknot, they released their first album, “Man Made Disaster”, in 2013. 
After a brief hiatus, the band decided to evolve their sound by combining their genre with more modern elements to form their 2016 single “Earworm.” In the subsequent years, after growing in popularity in their local scene and also after participating in different music festivals in Iran, they started performing well-known songs by established artists and making changes to these hits to fit Out of Nowhere’s distinct style of Metal, which is their take on “Pop goes Metal”. 
Some examples of these musical endeavors include their performance of Sia’s “Chandelier”,  Bomfunk Mc’s “Live Your Life” and Billie Eilish’s “Lovely”. In 2019 an article from NASA referring to the year when humanity can get its hands on samples from Mars influenced the title of Out of Nowhere’s 2019 Alien-based concept album “2031”. 
With “2031” the band’s sound shifted to a Djent/Progressive direction by utilizing heavy use of synths on top of breakdowns, solos, and vocals. 
After this release, Out of Nowhere was involved in a German documentary about Iranian culture commissioned by ZDF. Their interview with the prominent German TV broadcaster shed some light on the difficult situations musicians face in Iran’s society and was broadcast internationally, which still remains one of the band’s proudest moments.
In 2020 the band continued releasing singles, starting with their ballad “Hope Is On The Way”. It primarily focuses on self-struggle as well as deep feelings and emotions. They also released their take on Billie Eilish’s “Lovely” in the same year.
With their 2021 single “Blind Crow” Out of Nowhere started exploring the heavier side of the musical spectrum by using elements from Deathcore music. MetalSucks premiered the song exclusively on their website while Knotfest premiered the music video of “Blind Crow” on their official website along with an interview. 

Out of Nowhere is:
Amin Yahyazadeh – Vocals
Ali Mostanbet – Guitars
Kasra Jafarzadeh – Guitars
Hamid Shahcheraghi – Bass
Soroosh Kheradmand – Drums
Hossein Amjad – Manager

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