AERDRYK and OERHEKS stream dual AMOR FATI debut albums at Transmissions From The Dark

Amor Fati Productions is proud to present the debut releases of Aerdryk and Oerheks, two Flemish solo projects interconnected by years of kinship. Both titles will be released on on August 15th internationally on vinyl LP format, and form a milestone in the history of Amor Fati Productions as a label, respectively representing AFP199 and AFP200. And today, the Transmissions From the Dark Youtube channel streams both albums in their entirety. Hear Aerdryk‘s Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid in its entirety exclusively HERE, and hear Oerheks‘ Cagghenvinna in its entirety exclusively HERE.

With Met De Drietand Op Mijn HuidAerdryk makes a clear black metal statement both in execution and atmosphere. While the guitars rage on in an almost hidden, intrinsic way, the entirety of the sound of Aerdryk is carried by multiple layers of reverb and exquisite ethereal synths. Within this groundwork, fast-paced blastbeats reveal the contrast of this band, melding razor-sharp guitar melodies and a multi-layered atmosphere. This balance is felt, as well, by the old-school harsh vocals, supported by epic clean chants. 

Every song on this album is a journey, one into time and history itself. Underneath it all, the bass guitar relentlessly deviates from its classical role and continues a journey on its own, like a deep-felt restlessness we carry with us along this pilgrimage. 

Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid feels like a return to and departure from ’90s black metal at the same time, featuring a brilliant songwriting craft and Flemish storytelling.  Stream the album in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Aedryk’s Met De Drietand Op Mijn Huid
1. Mijn Boetedoening [6:24]
2. Kruisweg [4:49]
3. De Modderige Paden [6:46]
4. Met de Drietand op Mijn Huid [4:48]
5. De Rode Klauwen [5:46]
6. Berouw [5:00]
7. Doodgeboren [7:04]

Deep in the heart of the Flemish Hageland, a spirit awakens and recalls stories of ancient times past. This spirit is the Oerheks, roaming among ancient woods long disappeared. Thick melodies and a raging voice carry the listener to times beyond, times past, and times undone.

As mid-tempo drums give rise to the sub-melodies of the bass guitar, and synth atmospheres build up a tightening aura around the already multi-layered guitar melodies, one can realize that a raw sound and a clean production can go hand in hand. It’s this contradiction that feeds Cagghenvinna, as Oerheks showcase a musical landscape through the eyes of local myths and lore. 

Once again, this release feels like a journey, both conceptually and musically. The first sounds of Oerheks form a clear statement of classic black metal melodicism and eerie dissonance, while stubbornly walking its own path. Stream the album in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel.Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Oerheks’ Cagghenvinna
1. Door Doornen Overtogen [6:48]
2. Transmutatie tot het Edele [8:48]
3. De Oude Eik & Eindigende Lust [8:21]
4. Doorheen de Demervallei [8:43]
5. Stilte, deel één: Een Storm der Tijd [7:02]

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