Hungarian dark ambient project BLACKWEALD has released a new album


Hungarian dark ambient project BlackWeald has released its most recent material under the “From the Dust of the Old Hungarian Plains, Emerges the Invisible Claw that Drags Us into our Rotting Grave” title .

After last year’s 11 hours long 666 Minutes in Hell, this one is a more compact album with a much easier atmosphere, focusing on samples resembling the old way of rural Hungarian life. Occasional ritual vibes and guitar work are also present.

Thematically, the album is about a mundane summer day in the rural Hungarian plains. The ambitious morning is washed away by heat, dust, and endless dry wheat fields. As the evening approaches, dullness, longing, and boredom set in. Even if something sinister happens each night, it goes unnoticed by most. Each new dawn is just another step closer to the inevitable end.


01. Morning Came with a Cartload of Dew (6:20)
02. Desolation in Dust (3:15)
03. At the Shores of Dry Lake Fancsika (4:38)
04. Vekeri, 37 °C, Drought (6:30)
05. This Rake Says Leaned Against the Wall (7:20)
06. Infinite Nihil (6:00)
07. The Devil and the Peasant (4:00)
08. I am the Darkness, I am your End (6:27)
09. Blood of a Thousand Lambs (4:00)
10. A Corpse Stuffed with Night-scented Stock (3:02)
11. The Lurker is Getting Awake (3:19)
12. Hell in a Tiny Box (23:01)
13. One Step Closer to the Pit (4:59)
14. Plague of the Plains (6:04)

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