Become Your Best Self With CELESTIAL WIZARD’s Vocal Playthrough For “Steel Chrysalis”


Celestial Wizard, from Denver, USA have released their second album “Winds Of The Cosmos”, a new take on both the power metal and death metal subgenres. This new album will be a breath of fresh air for their fans, it’s a massive leap forward in production quality and musicianship, and they have stepped away from the heavily synthesized, symphonic fantasy sound found in their previous album in favor of something more robust, and real. To showcase the potent new sound, they have a vocal playthrough video for the single “Steel Chrysalis”. They explain the track in their own words:

““Steel Chrysalis” is a more epic, symphonic track in relation to the others on the album. The song’s main riff delivers a healthy dose of groove that the listener can lock on to and enjoy the heaviness of the chugging guitars that follow. This track is the most reminiscent of the previous album in terms of sound, so for those that have been fans from the beginning, this track will feel very familiar. The lyrics go over themes of being true to who you are and growing stronger amidst hardship, eventually becoming the best version of yourself.”

For Celestial Wizard, a lot of their lyrics have roots in old-school fantasy or sci-fi elements. The lyrical themes bridge from zombies to space travelers, and everything in between. They try to ground each song with a feeling or experience one of them has had or is trying to work through. They find that even though the lyrical themes can be far-fetched at times, the songs evoke strong emotions and listeners can find elements of the song to bond with.

Melodic and aggressive, the band draws a lot of influence from Metallica and cites that their sound is very similar to bands like Amon Amarth or Arch Enemy, bordering on a modern melodic metal sound. Galaktikon and Firewind are other bands they emulate in their writing and playing. They are recommended for fans of any of the aforementioned bands as well as metal fans that enjoy nerdy and fantasy-based hobbies such as Dungeons and Dragons.

The vocal playthrough for “Steel Chrysalis” can be seen and heard via its premiere on TechnicalMusicReview HERE.

Music Video – Ice Realm –​

Guitar Playthrough – Revenant –​

Album order at

Spotify –


Track Listing:
1. Andromeda (2:25)
2. Revenant (5:30)
3. Ice Realm (4:08)
4. Powerthrone (4:30)
5. Eternal Scourge (5:32)
6. Steel Chrysalis (4:26)
7. Undead Renegade (5:04)
8. Cyberhawk (4:26)
9. Winds Of The Cosmos (7:44)
Album Length: 42:45

Album Band Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Guillermo Jurado – Guitar, Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals

Live Band Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Dahlia McAluney – Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals

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