Blackened Witch House Act, MORNINGSTVR Brings The Occult To The New Salem


The blackened witch house project, Morningstvr has just unleashed the debut solo album, The New Salem via Blvsphemy Records.

The New Salem encapsulates a love for occultism, history and horror films. It is a transformative spiritual journey into the new studio album.  

Standout songs such as the title track “The New Salem” and “Ov Shadow And Light” tell the story of witches vengefully taking back what was stolen from them in 1692 while the songs “Dreaming Of The Damned” and “Ballad Of The Devil” give listeners a peak inside the mind of Morningstvr as he grapples with mortality.

Brimming with abyssal synths and guttural vocals that take the listener into the deepest pits of hell, The New Salem is projected as a pioneering piece into blackened witch house as a sub genre.

The New Salem is available on CD and digital formats via Blvsphemy Records

“Dreaming Of The Damned” – Morningstvr

Morningstvr is a producer and occultist who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as an infant and is the son of a world renowned paranormal investigator. As an adolescent who was often misunderstood by his peers, he developed a deep appreciation for the macabre and identified with the title character Frankenstein from Mary Shelley’s beloved novel of the same name.

A self-proclaimed “metal head”, he began experimenting with screams his sophomore year of high school and would later find solace in the witch house community when he started his music project in 2019. Morningstvr cites Xasthur, Dark Throne, Flesh and Plvgues as his key influences and coined the term “blackened witch house” to describe his music. In March of 2021 he was signed to Blvsphemy Records, a witch house label based in Chicago, IL where he continues to thrive with his music.

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