Power-Metallers DRAGON THRONE release debut album DAWNBRINGER today

DRAGON THRONE_cover220820

DAWNBRINGER, the debut album from DRAGON THRONE, welcomes listeners to the Dragonverse – a fantastical musical creation exploring sacrifice, the lust for power, facing one’s fears and meeting one’s destiny – all soundtracked by an atmospheric blend of old school metal riffing, speed and power metal flavor, epic orchestral elements and larger than life choruses.

Production of the album was focused on conveying the big emotions that power metal fans expect, while maintaining a rawness, soul and honesty that is sometimes lost in the genre to help this album stand out as unique amongst its peers. All performances on the album are real recordings without sampling trickery or autotuning, mixed by Patrik ”Pate” Oksanen in a way that stays true original essence of the recording.


DRAGON THRONE was formed in 2019 with the coming together of founding members Antti Liimatainen (Guitar) and Santtu Korhonen (Vocals) over a mutual love for Blind Guardian’s old school speed metal sound and symphonic elements.

With the later arrival of lead guitarist Juuso Korhonen, bassist Joni Pyöriä and drummer Tommi Laitinen, all the pieces were finally in place. The creation of DAWNBRINGER sees the band beginning to define the first contours of the Dragonverse, a fantastical creative vision that the band hope to expand upon in future releases.


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