HADOPELAGYAL set release date for AMOR FATI / VÁN debut album, reveal first track


On September 19th internationally, Amor Fati Productions, in conspiracy with Ván, is proud to present Hadopelagyal‘s highly anticipated debut album, Nereidean Seismic EndAmor Fati will handle the cassette tape version while Ván will handle the CD and vinyl versions.

A duo hailing from Germany’s ever-fascinating and -evolving black metal scene, Hadopelagyal are the personification of feral frequencies drawn together to drown the listener in a free-flowing hypnosis of horror. At once animalistically primitive and superlatively consciousness-expanding, the body of work Hadopelagyal have created across their 2018 debut demo and successive splits with Thorybos and Kosmokrator have hinted at a garish grandiosity that could bloom to obscene lengths. Now, that moment has arrived with Nereidean Seismic End.

Hadopelagyal‘s first full-length recording, Nereidean Seismic End is presciently titled: the ripped-asunder vacuum of violence that exists here begins as the bitter end but also allows for infinite immersion, forever devouring itself like the very Ouroboros. Strings and drums certainly exhibit musical qualities – this is recognizably black metal, after all, albeit of a fucked-up and fuck-you variety – but the manner in which they’re used and the paths they take are utterly unorthodox and most definitely psychedelic in the most horrific definition. Surges sprint across a trajectory both parallel and perpendicular; angularity is bent backwards, and then further. Howling abyssal voice melds/melts with distortion both cruel and cool; forever there is a swarm of sound, and yet the perpetual levitation leaves a massive amount of space within that vacuum.

“Appealing in us and widely released from getting placed in vacant definitions, there is resulting pantophagy,” state the band, “bounded by the energies which are at work in us, which are exempted from expression through hollow words and not attempted to be depicted concretely. Our compound exists for what is shaking and flowing in us, naturally grown and born by efforts of disposition in infinity. Doomed in utter vagous cacaesthesia, a haemathermal burning thirst for things that are to be figured out tacitly, which may also wait eternally to get breathed into life and get a name, because raining from the heavens, they will presumably never meet us at all. We vomit what is in our limbs and inhale from our depths what we allow to lead us. Where you sink to ashes in purgatory, ashes that don’t wear out as long as something pulsates in you, where malacophonous umbrages claim the toxic climax, where the masks fuse and you consider yourself lost in pandemonism, until the mythical labtebricole creatures fly….” Here, there is Hadopelagyal‘s Nereidean Seismic End.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Blades Drawn from the Iron Marrow of the Sunken Dead” HERE at Amor Fati‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Hadopelagyal’s Nereidean Seismic End
1. Depravity Shall Triumph [7:19]
2. Intertidal Terrorrealm [6:08]
3. The Morning Carried a Feeble Sun, a Solitary Sphere of Embers [4:24]
4. Blades Drawn From the Iron Marrow of the Sunken Dead [7:31]
5. In Dragging Incandescence [5:01]
6. Pitiless Stars in the Clasp of Putrefaction [5:03]
7. ἄπειρος καὶ ἐρῆμος ἐστιν ἡ θάλασσα [5:40]


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