Perra Karlsson’s PERRACIDE signs to Emanzipation Productions

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Emanzipation Productions is proud to announce the signing of PERRACIDE, the musical project of Perra Karlsson. Perra, the Swedish musician that got famous for drumming for bands such as Benediction, Deströyer 666, Nasum, Toxaemia and Nominon, among many others, recently started Perracide as a way to keep himself busy and release his own musical creations.

A while ago I started to feel a bit frustrated due to the fact that the bands that I am drumming for aren’t very active at the moment”, Perra explains.. “Instead of bittering around, I started my very own project, named Perracide, where I could pick and choose to work with the people and musicians that I appreciate and find cool“.

Perra continues: “I already had some drum tracks written that I had arranged and recorded with help from engineer Pontus Ekwall at StudioCave. So I started to send the files around to some kick ass musicians that started riffing over the drums, and all of a sudden I had quite a bunch of killer songs composed in a way that I have never heard of before (first drum arrangement, then the rest)“.

Photo by Theresa Iivari

After a short talk with Michael Hvolgaard Andersen of Emanzipation Productions in Denmark late June 2022, he signed Perracide straight away“, Perra says about the record deal. “So here we go motherfuckers, the Perracide album is now under construction and will reach you all sometime next year, 2023, on LP, CD and all digital platforms“.

What to expect? Well… Metal, and more Metal! I have been doing quite a bit of digging, so neither you’re into Death, Thrash, Black or even Grind, there will be something for all of you freaks of mayhem, that’s a promise. More info to follow shortly“.

More info about the Perracide debut album, including the guest musicians, will be released soon.

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