Black/Death Metal Project ZeTA are “Traversing The Void” in New Video


Experimental Melodic Black/Death Metal project ZeTA have released a music video for “Traversing The Void,” a track from forthcoming full-length debut album Binary Enigma. Infinite cosmic realms await at:

ZeTA will release Binary Enigma on September 2. Pre-orders are available now at

“Binary Enigma is a fascinating and wonderfully designed album.”

– Metal Purgatory Media

The album’s first single, “Suspended Colossus,” was released previously, courtesy of the Metal Vault YouTube Channel: The song is also streaming on Bandcamp.

Binary Enigma features the work of band members residing in three different states (Cleveland, OH / Chicago, IL / Phoenix, AZ). The music was heavily inspired by classic 90s Swedish melodic black/death metal, American death metal both past and present, and the Metroid video game series. The project from the start strived to have an original sound/identity, as well as invoking a spiritual atmosphere and thought-provoking perspective on extraterrestrial reality. The lyrical content heavily focuses on documented UFO encounters, aliens, space, distant civilizations, and all that fascinates us beyond our world and current understanding.

Track Listing:

1.Hopinksville Goblins

2.Suspended Colossus

3.Binary Enigma

4.Organic Corridor

5.Cosmic Embrace

6.Traversing the Void

7. M-Triangle

8.Weight of Disclosure

9.Dimensional Nexus Part II



Luke Gawel – Rhythm/Effects Guitars, Bass, Synth, Lyrics, Songwriting

Dan Klein – Vocals

Evan Thomas – Drums

Session Members:

Anthony Allen – Lead Guitars/Solos on tracks 2,4,7,8

Steven Chavez – Backing Vocals on tracks 2,3,5,6

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