Symphonic Gothic Metal Band BLOOD OF INDIGO Stream Entirety of “Dawn Of The Shaded World”


Canadian symphonic gothic metal band BLOOD OF INDIGO are streaming the entirety of their album Dawn of the Shaded World. The album will be released on CD and all digital platforms this Friday August 26th, 2022.

The band comments:

“Without a doubt, this album is an authentic Dark Fantasy Metal experience. This album was created to push the boundaries of imagination and innovate the Symphonic Metal genre, as we know it. If you’re a gamer, Dungeons and Dragons player, or are a creative mind, look no further. We have a brand new gem for you to uncover. Our goal is that our album, Dawn of The Shaded World will provide you with something memorable and forever hold a special place in your heart.”


BLOOD OF INDIGO_cover220508
1. Mimesis
2. Resurrection
3. Corpse Bride
4. Anne Marie Indigo
5. Jade and her Quiet Place
6. Angelus, the Faceless Vampire
7. Sphynx, Collector of Eyes
8. The Hunter’s Nightmare
9. Novice Pyromancy
10. Dawn of The Shaded World (feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft

On August 26th, 2022 symphonic gothic metal band BLOOD OF INDIGO will unleash their debut album Dawn of the Shaded World. 

 Become immersed in the dark, fantastical world that surrounds BLOOD OF INDIGO. Legend has it that the dark, majestic project hail from Toronto, Canada, and seek to indulge in their passion for storytelling through epic music.

The dynamic trio’s creative influences spawn from metal bands including DIMMU BORGIR, NIGHTWISH and DREAM THEATER, along video games such as Dark Souls, Hollow Knight and Bloodborne. The origins of this mystic ensemble are all but lost, scrolls from the distant era of 2017 reveal that following advice from Lindsay Schoolcraft to pursue his dream of being a metal vocalist, Alex Centorame formed the band in that year with Mariusz Syposz. The third companion Nathan Gross joined forces with the line-up shortly after. Thriving in the realms of horror and fantasy, they sought a title that would live up to the bravery, majesty and wonder – and BLOOD OF INDIGO was born.
BLOOD OF INDIGO is currently preparing to unveil lyric videos for “Angelus, the ‘Faceless’ Vampire” and “Sphynx, Collector of Eyes”, before unleashing their eagerly awaited debut album Dawn of The Shaded World.  The album also features a guest appearance from Juno nominated singer/songwriter Lindsay Schoolcraft.

Band Members:                        
Alex Centorame (Sen-Tor-Ah- Mee) – Vocals/Lyrics
Nathan Gross (Grr-Oh-Ss) – Keyboards/Orchestrations
Mariusz Syposz (Suh-Pose) – Guitars/Drum Programming


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