HAIL CONJURER set release date for new SIGNAL REX / BESTIAL BURST album, reveal first track – features members of HOODED MENANCE, RIDE FOR REVENGE+++


Today, Signal Rex, in conspiracy with Bestial Burst, announces September 23rd as the international release date for Hail Conjurer‘s highly anticipated sixth album, Earth PenetrationSignal Rex will handle the cassette tape version while Bestial Burst will handle the CD version.

Hail Conjurer is the sole province of prolific underground veteran Harri Kuokkanen, renown for Hooded Menace, Ride For Revenge, and Horse Latitudes. Under the selfsame nom de plume Hail Conjurer, he creates ugly and idiosyncratic black metal born from ancient fires and dark desires, and since the band’s birth in 2017, he’s explored this unique muse across a grand total of five full-lengths, four demos, two splits, one collaborative album, and a digital single. Truly, Hail Conjurer is a dark and dank headspace like no other. 

Always feverish in his creativity, Hail Conjurer returns to the album front with his sixth, Earth Penetration. Indeed earthy and penetrating – or perhaps virile (and vile) enough to actually penetrate the earth in a manner most sexual – Hail Conjurer here erects a murky-yet-spacey landscape of elevated crudity. For sure, the bass-heavy black metal that’s the band’s stock in trade is a doomy one, but not “doom” by strict definition; rather, ancient touchstones like very earliest Samael, Goatlord, and especially Barathrum get minced and mangled with an auteur’s touch. It’s rude and ritualistic, mind-expanding and body-defiling, and the synth/organ-led spaces are alluringly creepy beyond compare. Sin and sensuality have a new definition with Earth Penetration.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Come Alive” HERE at Signal Rex‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

HAIL CONJURER_cover220826

Tracklisting for Hail Conjurer’s Earth Penetration
1. The Sin And The Sweat [7:33]
2. Aghast [6:21]
3. Rebellion of the Flesh [2:49]
4. Blood on the Stone [2:47]
5. Come Alive [4:36]
6. Winter Death [4:54]
7. Earth Penetration [5:11]


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