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Silence Oath is a one-man-band founded in 2007 by  Filippo Tezza (singer and songwriter of Chronosfear, ex-Empathica, ex-Soul Guardian, ex-Shards Of Fear).

From the Womb of the Earth” is the fourth album, which stylistically continues the coordinates of the previous work, also introducing some new elements such as “Eradicate the Firmament”, the first synth / dark-ambient composition. Also for the new job, Filippo took care of all aspects (recording, production, graphics, etc …). In June 2022, the project signs a new recording contract with the Elevate Records label, for the promotion and distribution of the new album in both digital and (for the first time) physical CD format.


1. Waterfalls (1:45)

2. When the Pillars Come Down (11:33)

3. An Irrational Mind’s Ludicrous Dominion (10:49)

4. The Calling (6:38)

5. From the Womb of the Earth (11:05)

6. Eradicate the Firmament (8:47)


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