UNHOLY HARAKIRI Releases Playthrough Of “K I N T S U G I” With Yukio Hara


Unholy Harakiri has just premiered the first One Take video on his channel and it’s pure weight! Deathcore band Unholy Harakiri has already been standing out for mixing heavy sound with Japanese culture and now they come with the news that is the debut of their Youtube channel.

The band already has 3 clips released by their label Coffin Joe Records and now start a new phase of releases on their own channel. Check out this one take playthrough of guitarist Yukio Hara performing “K I N T S U G I” and subscribe to the channel.

This is the first video in a series of videos that will be posted of the songs in a single take, with all the imperfections and feeling that a live provides. So get ready for much more.

Formed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Unholy Harakiri features the mix between members of two underground metal bands in Brazil, Yukio Hara and Raphael Gonçalves (Ex-Colwire) and Maikon Campioni (Athimia).

The band’s proposal is to reinvent the Brazilian metal scene mixing a lot of weight, low tunings and a pinch of Asian culture, futuristic themes and cyberpunk. Follow Unholy Harakiri on social media and subscribe to the channel:

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