ABSURDITY MADE FLESH release new single “Curtain Call”


Finnish unsigned death metal band Absurdity Made Flesh will release their new single on September 9th. The newest single changes the gear from the faster and more aggressive Humanity EP to the other end of our familiar spectrum. 

Drums were recorded at Studio Watercastle in early 2021 and other instruments at home studio.
Recording and Mix – Janne Korpela,

Curtain Call 6:05 /Composer: Henri Rantanen, Lyrics: Pekka Laurikainen, Arrangement: Jarno Videnoja, Leevi Visala, Esa Kumpula

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“Like the approaching fall, heralding the end of the yearly cycle of nature, Curtain Call is a story of the inevitable end facing all of us. Based on darker and unfortunately very real experiences the story of the song gives the listener a veritable broadside of pain, desperation, and disbelief until finally reaching a reluctant acceptance. All this is, of course, made possible by the versatile and catchy instrument work, sure to catch anyone’s attention even if the themes of death and loss have somehow still eluded you.”


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