Belgium’s BONES stream long-awaited INVICTUS debut album at Death Metal Promotion


Belgian death metallers Bones stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Sombre Opulence, at the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Set for international release on September 9th via Invictus Productions, hear Bones‘ Sombre Opulence in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Bones arose from the wastelands of Belgium in 2011, united by a common passion for real-sounding death metal: performed with authenticity and devotion, infused with the sorceries of the ancients. A primitive demo was recorded, released, and re-pressed several times. This was followed by two EPs: the Awaiting Rebirth 10″ from 2014 and the Gate of Night 12″ from 2020, both released through Blood Harvest Records. The interim was spent laying waste to stages across Europe, and the patient forging of the debut album. Now, this work has been completed, and the time has come for Bones to emerge with Sombre Opulence.

As deadly of a debut album as it comes, Sombre Opulence is a manifestation of total death metal dedication. Across nine cursed tracks, Bones evoke the ancient forces that lie at the core of true death metal, conjuring visions of primordial violence and sorcery. One can feel a broad range of influences, with a clear affinity for the darker acts that emerged at the genre’s dawn. From fast and ferocious to slow and sinister, their assault is both varied and cohesive, placing importance on organic production and morbid atmosphere, all delivered without mercy.

Above all, Sombre Opulence is the sound of triumphant slaughter, obscure magical ritual, and spiritual despair in the face of eternity. It is the slow crumbling of monuments across aeons, the stirring of primordial waters, and the howling of distant jackal gods. Be beckoned to this altar of death, from which flows the blood of crushed enemies…there stands Bones, ready to conquer all. 

Prepare to be fully conquered exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Bones (Belgium)’s Sombre Opulence
1. Execration Rites
2. Funerary Magic
3. Twilight Divination
4. Deserts of Eternity
5. Withering
6. Primordial Idolatry
7. Composite Deities
8. Great Altars of Ascension
9. Formulas of Condemnation


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