FORTÍÐ announce new two-track EP “Dómur um dauðan hvern” and release lyric video single ‘För’

Following in the wake of FORTÍБs highly praised sixth album, “World Serpent”, which also won the prestigious “album of the month” titles in German magazines Metal Hammer and Sonic Seducer, the band now offers a first glimpse of great things to come in the shape of the two-track EP “Dómur um dauðan hvern” (“Judgement of Everyone Dead”). The Icelandic pagan black metal trio now reveals the lyric video single ‘För’ (“Journey”) as a  tasty sample of the MCD, which is slated for release on November 18, 2022.

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FORTÍРcomment: “The first track on the ‘Dómur um dauðan hvern’ EP is called ‘För’, which translates to ‘journey’, but the word can also be taken to mean ‘marks’ as in the plural of a mark”, mastermind Einar Eldur Thorberg aka Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson explains. “Well, both translations apply in this case, because this song deals with mankind’s journey throughout the ages and the indelible marks that we leave behind.”

1. För
2. Fimbulvetur


With their two-track EP “Dómur um dauðan hvern” (“Judgement of Everyone Dead”), FORTÍРsent out an impressive sign of life. The Icelandic pagan black metal outfit continues in the massive footprints that their current album “World Serpent” has left. Epic Icelandic melodies, sharp riffing that draws from black, death, thrash, and heavy metal as well as Einar Eldur Thorberg’s distinct vocals combine into fiery and spirited new songs.

At the end of December 2020, FORTÍРwere visibly on the rise. Having moved back to Iceland and with a new line-up, mastermind Einar scored heavily with “World Serpent” in soundchecks, end of the year lists in the press and with sales soaring as well, it looked like those descendants of the Vikings were about to set sail again and take the world by storm. The world had other plans. For all too well known reasons, FORTÍРended up stuck at home instead of touring.

Instead of twiddling thumbs, FORTÍРdecided to hone their weapons by writing new material and to weather out the global storm season in their rehearsal room and later in the studio to make the best out of the situation. The first new songs on “Dómur um dauðan hvern” demonstrate that “World Serpent” was not an accidental success, but that this album represents a new height, which the Icelanders, with many years of experience under their belts and still burning with passion, have securely reached and hold on to.  

There have always been subtle experiments and at times drastic line-up changes with each new album that FORTÍРhave released. Yet with Einar firmly at the helm, the Icelanders are still following the course that he set on the “Völuspá”-trilogy of albums from 2003 to 2010. Their combination of harsh black and death metal riffing with a pinch of thrash and a penchant for epic melodies, versatile vocals as well as a heavy dose of “Icelandic sound” was maintained on the acclaimed “Pagan Prophecies” (2012) full-length and the following “9” (2015) album as well, which finally led to the dark and deadly “World Serpent” being unleashed onto the pagan metal world.

Far from being satisfied with their latest achievements, FORTÍРare preparing for their next attack. “Dómur um dauðan hvern” is a strong omen for those ravens of the north to embark on another metal journey filled with heavy glory, riffs of ice, and steel-strings!  

Release date: November 18, 2022

Style: Blackened Pagan Metal

Einar Eldur Thorberg – vocals, guitars, synthesizer
Kári Pálsson – bass
Kristján Einar Guðmundsson – drums

Recording and editing by Einar Eldur Thorberg in EHP Studio, Iceland
Drum recording by Kjartan Baldursson
Mix & mastering by Teemu Aalto (Music Productions)


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