Polish band FAUST: first song from upcoming album


Faust returns with the fourth album in his 25-year history of their thrash/death metal playing. New album titled “Cisza po Tobie” refers stylistically to the enthusiastically received concept of the previous album “Wspólnota Brudnych Sumień” (recognized by Musick Magazine as one of the most important releases of the last decade in Polish metal). It is the most brutal, fastest and at the same time the most lyrical album of this formation. From the extreme blasts of Pavulon to a funeral song based on white voices and no other instruments. This album breaks the backbones of stereotypes and broadens the boundaries of metal. Fans of the old KATMorbid AngelTestamentDeath and even Dead Can Dance or Slavic music will not be disappointed.

Music for this album was recorded, mixed and mastered in cooperation with Filip Hałucha at Heinrich House Studio (HateVesania), while drums were recorded with Paweł Granowski at JNS Studio (AntigamaRiverside).

Album premiere is scheduled at 30th September 2022 and will be released as CD jewelbox with cooperation of Polish label Szataniecpre-order will be available at 12 September. The author of the cover artwork and the 28-page insert with hand-painted graphics is Anna MalesińskaPiotr Czajkowski is responsible for the layout.

The band’s commentary on the new album: “The order of the tracks on the album is not accidental. The cover of the album, depicting a sad Mary with a child in her arms, surrounded by rotting fruit and predatory or scavenging insects, suggests that it will be a collection of reflections on the moral condition of contemporary society, rooted in Christian values. Values ​​that rot, corrode, and often justify hatred and intolerance. In the musical layer, the group tries to present the mechanisms that ultimately lead to rape, violence, emigration, genocide and people’s indifference to these phenomena. It is a story of a parent and a child fleeing from persecution until they are no longer able to run away. That is why the last piece, sung in a white voice, is both a lullaby and a funeral song. The author of the text explains his personal philosophy about what will happen to us after death. If you look at it from the perspective of Tomek Dąbrowski – death does not exist“.

Here you can listen to the song “Pogarda”


Tomasz “Kaman” Dąbrowski – guitar
Maciej Bartkowski – vocal
Krzysztof Słowikowski – guitar
Szymon Grzemski – bass
Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz – drums
Dariusz Ojdana – keyboard
Karolina Matuszkiewicz – vocal, old folklore instruments

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