AMBASSADORS OF ETERNITY have released a new music video!

Photographer: Anu Tuoriniemi

The new music video, for the track “Wreck” is taken from the bands first EP, “Arrival”, which was released in may 2022.

“The carrying theme in this song is loneliness and despair with a glimpse of light towards the end of the track” says vocalist Sammy. The video was shot during the summer ’22 in the beautiful and atmospheric setup in Uusimaa region, Finland. “The song was an easy choise for the video due it’s story and it builds up nicely with very powerful chorus.” Sammy continues.

Ambassadors of Eternity biography:

The band is formed in 2020. It has recorded and produced their debut EP mostly themselves, in collaboration with Los Angeles-based producer Eric Emery. Eric is a Grammy nominee and a skilled multi-instrumentalist.

Emery is also a singer in a band Skyharbor.

Some words from Eric:
“As soon as they played me the demos I knew i had to work with these guys. I’m always looking for new artists to develop that have character and these guys have it in spades.

From the moment we started chatting we all realized we were on the exact same page and I was inspired by how receptive they all were to the idea of collaboration. I’m looking forward to making some really unique and cool music with these guys. You’re all in for a treat!”

Ambassadors of Eternity’s music features atmospheric alternative rock with proge elements. On the first EP, we wanted to show the diversity of the band, so the five-track EP felt like a good opening for the game. We paint different emotional states in our songs and we think we achieved them well with this recording.


Ambassadors Of Eternity: Arrival EP

01. Dead Ends
02. I Don’t Think This Will End Well
03. Barricaded Sky
04. Hurry
05. Wreck

Year: 2022
Label: Self released

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