AMAUROT – Gothic death-doom act shares “Des Wanderers Leid” single; Album ‘…To Tread the Ancient Waters’ comes late September


Sweden and German-based gothic/death-doom metal group Amaurot has revealed “Des Wanderers Leid,” the second preview track from their forthcoming debut full-length, …To Tread the Ancient Waters. The album features guest appearances from Rogga Johansson (Massacre, Paganizer), Sabine Meusel (Xiphea), Sean Vukovic (Forsaken), and Marcus Rosenkvist (Void Moon).

Speaking of the track “Des Wanderers Leid,” Amaurot informs:
“Developing and moving forward is a long process for most people. The search for one’s own identity and goal in life is often not easy. ‘Des Wanderers Leid’ (Engl.: ‘The Wanderer’s Sorrow’) is about this process and the feeling of arriving after a long time. Everyone finds themselves in a different place at the end of the process. The final outcome is as individual as the person.”

Access “Des Wanderers Leid” on your preferred digital/streaming media AT THIS LOCATION

…To Tread the Ancient Waters will be available on 30 September 2022 via Obelisk Polaris Productions on CD and digital formats; PRE-ORDER available on BANDCAMP.

Listen to“Aether Child,” the album’s opening track, HERE or HERE.

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The seed for Amaurot was sown in 2019 when vocalist Lisa Rieger (Hydra) and guitarist Peter Svensson (Void Moon, Assassin’s Blade, ex-Goatess) got in contact to create a new band combining their talents and diverse inspirations. With Lisa providing clean vocals, background choirs and growls, and Peter playing guitar and keyboards, the line-up was completed by drummer Thomas Hedlund (ex-The Ancient’s Rebirth, Pagan Rites, Void Moon) and bassist Magnus Hultman (Cult of the Fox). Though deeply immersed in the classic doom field, Amaurot combines their sound with influences from bands like Candlemass, Draconian and early Within Temptation. 

On the debut album, …To Tread the Ancient Waters, Amaurot walks towards a forlorn state, holding darkness and mystique within. While diving deeper into the bleak hollow halls, the doom ensemble still radiates profound and precise melodies, hankering for blissful events to supersede the neverending griefs. Throughout the songs, Amaurot restores the buried thoughts, emotions, hopes, and miseries into an unknown sphere, unknowingly opening the door to a labyrinthine fate. 

Fall into the dark and drift away with Amaurot!


Track Listing:
1. Aether Child
2. Des Wanderers Leid
3. Starless Sky
4. Ritual 
5. Gone Forever
6. To Tread the Ancient Waters
7. Loneliness
8. Phoenician Ashes

Drums, guitars, keyboards, and additional vocals recorded at Night Wind Studios by Peter Svensson.
Bass recorded at Firefly Studios by Magnus Hultman.
Vocals recorded at Rübezahl Recordings by Chris Rieger.

All songs composed by Peter Svensson and Lisa Rieger.
All songs mixed and mastered at Rübezahl Recordings by Chris Rieger. 
Artwork by Lisa Rieger.
Band photos taken by Marcus Rosenkvist, Theresa Rieger, and Sarah Björklund.

Guest Vocals on “Ritual” by Sabine Meusel.
Choirs on “Ritual” by Magnus Hultman, Marcus Rosenkvist, Sabine Meusel, and Lisa Rieger.
Guest vocals on “Starless Sky”, “To Tread the Ancient Waters,” and “Phoenician Ashes” by Rogga Johansson.
Guest vocals on “Starless Sky” by Marcus Rosenkvist.
Guitar solos on “Aether Child” and “Gone Forever” by Sean Vukovic.

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