Don’t Miss BELLE MORTE’s Video For “Krew”

Symphonic Gothic Metal band Belle Morte is proud to present their video for the single “Krew“, featuring: Yaroslav Dzhus (bandura), Alex Pilkevych, and Ada Rusinkiewicz (vocals).

The idea of ‘Krew’ appeared in February. When the war began, we were completely devastated and heartbroken. As a Belarusian band, we have strong connections with Ukraine: we have relatives and friends living there, and in general, it was always perceived as somewhat native land to us. Moreover, Belarusian territory was used by the Russian army, horrific betrayal and burden of shame.
We decided to compose this song to reflect our complex feelings and search for some deliverance in art. From the very beginning, we had an intention to show the proximity of 3 languages and 3 cultures, so we’ve also involved Polish and Ukrainian singers Ada Rusinkiewicz (Hethet) and Alex Pilkevych to reflect their own perspectives and Yaroslav Dzhus to recorded bandura, traditional Ukrainian folk instrument. Everyone participating in this project had full freedom to express their feelings. Belarusian lyrics written by Brat K. are focusing on the common pain and grief we experience. Ukrainian lyrics by Alex reflect on the time in the past when he used to live in Kiev, at the trail to notorious Irpin. In the Polish parts, Ada talks about the duality she’s experiencing in her country. There are a lot of fantastic, helpful people, who are doing their best to help Ukrainians but there are also a lot of insecurities and fear. In the screaming parts, Ada wanted to pay respect to people who are suffering in silence today. One day they will be heard and we hope it will stop trauma from growing.
The song’s title “Krew’ or “Blood” has multiple meanings. It’s about blood bonds that unite us, it’s about the blood of innocent people shed in this treacherous war.

Line up
Belle Morte – vocalist, lyric/music author
Sergey Butovsky – bass guitar, arrangements, sound producing
Maria Shumanskaya – keyboards
Ilya Rogovoy – guitars
Ilya Petrashkevich – guitars
Rostislav Golubnichiy – drums

Belle Morte Online

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