DYSTOPIA A.D. Announce Upcoming Album ‘Doomsday Psalm’


Melodic death metal band DYSTOPIA AD will release their upcoming album Doomsday Psalm on November 25 2022. The album is the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2020 album Rise of the Merciless.

Vocalist/Guitarist/Bassist Chris Whitby commented “We’re super excited about the upcoming release of our full-length progressive death metal album Doomsday Psalm. The defining characteristics of our last release (2020’s Rise of the Merciless), including fantastic guitar work, insane vocal styles, experimental song structures, and big atmospheres are on full display in Doomsday Psalm. We also feel that the album represents a new high-water mark for us in terms of production quality and clarity. While Doomsday Psalm may not represent a significant stylistic evolution of the band, we feel like we’ve refined the elements that our listeners enjoyed about Rise of the Merciless and taken them to new levels.”

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Listen to their previous album Rise of the Merciless here:

More information will be available soon.

Dystopia A.D. are:
Chris Whitby – vocals / guitar / bass
Aki Shishido – lead guitar

Past praise for DYSTOPIA A.D.

“By polishing the edges of their ambitious songwriting without sacrificing well-timed savagery, Dystopia A.D. have further advanced their artistry on ‘Rise of the Merciless’ .”Decibel Magazine

” ‘Rise of the Merciless’ really cozies up as close to a 4.0 as it can get without crossing the line. The complaints are generally minor, and that includes the “I want more!” issue, and a fix on any of them might have pulled them over the line.”-Angry Metal Guy

“Feast your ears on this brilliant, melodic, death, thrash, heavy, and progressive metal amalgamation of sound from DYSTOPIA A.D. I get so excited to discover a band that can hit so many levels of satisfaction. The album literally touches on everything that makes metal awesome and somehow comprises that range in each distinct track. This is a MUST listen, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t before. I give this album a 10/10.”Blessed Altar Zine

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