INTERLOPER – release new single ‘Bear The Weight’


US progressive heavy metal band INTERLOPER have been keeping busy of late. Last year, they released their debut album Search Party, and have since been undertaking several tours across America. Today, the band have released their new single, titled ‘Bear The Weight‘.

Miles Baker comments:
“’Bear The Weight’ is a song about the struggle one goes through when their life starts to catch up with them. We’re really proud of this one musically as well and think it shines some cool light on another area of our music. Hope you enjoy it!“

Watch the ‘Bear The Weight‘ video visualizer:
Listen to the ‘Bear The Weight‘:

For ‘Bear The Weight‘, the recording, mixing, and mastering was completed by their very own vocalist/guitarist Andrew VirruetaAdrian Loeb created the artwork for the single.

The band is currently touring the US and Canada with FALLUJAH, PSYCROPTIC and COGNITIVE

The deep cohesiveness of INTERLOPER’s writing process for their debut album Search Party allowed for a creative project with no real boundaries or restrictions.The album was produced by the band and Joey Virrueta. Drums were recorded at Big Bad Sound LA by Jack Ruley and Zach Fisher, with the mixing and mastering completed once more by Andrew’s brother Joey Virrueta. The album artwork was created by Caelan Stokkermans.

My Flame Deadened‘ official music video:
‘Pathkeeper’ official music video:
‘Idle Years’ official music video:
‘Search Party’ official music video:
‘Drift’ official music video:


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