KERBEROS release single “Icefall” – New album „Of Mayhem And Dismay“ will be out on friday

Icefall” is the third and last single from Kerberos‘ debut album “Of Mayhem and Dismay”. The songwriting behind „Icefall“ is heavily influenced by vocalist Ai-lan Metzger and exclusively features her clean singing. Musically, “Icefall” is a blend of epic grandeur, groovy, almost djenty riffs, and a decent amount of Kerberos prog spice. Even though the song is written around the vocals of Ai-lan, it contains a substantial instrumental section, where drums, guitars and bass come to shine in their own right.

The music video for „Icefall“ marks one of the band‘s most ambitious projects to date in regard to complexity and effort and was only feasible through a crew that took over different aspects of the production . In the video, the band performs in a wintery landscape but also acts out a narrative in an indoor setting. Through this acting as well as the use of multiple sets of costumes and extensive makeup, the clip tells a story of identity, transformation, and the discovery of one‘s true self.

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