HAGETISSE premiere new track at Transmissions From the Dark – features mainman of GNAW THEIR TONGUES, CLOAK OF ALTERING+++


Today, Dutch black metallers Hagetisse premiere the new track “Als de pijn dicteert” at the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated sixth album, De Verminkte stilte van het zijn, set for international release on October 14th via Babylon Doom Cult Records. Hear Hagetisse‘s “Als de pijn dicteert” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Hagetisse is the work of Maurice de Jong, insanely prolific mainman of Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum, Cloak of Altering, Golden Ashes, The Sombre, and countless others. While de Jong has long worked within the black metal genre, Hagetisse is arguably his more “traditional” iteration of the idiom. With the moniker meaning “Witch” in old Dutch, Hagetisse‘s first few recordings were directly inspired by Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal; in 2017 alone, de Jong released three albums of harsh-yet-melodic olden black metal. The band’s fourth album, 2019’s De reis van vernielde zielen, was comparatively more polished, while the fifth album, 2020’s The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin, saw de Jong break with the traditional black metal template for a more experimental sound.

Now, with sixth album De Verminkte stilte van het zijn, de Jong returns Hagetisse to a black metal sound simultaneously more traditional and original. With the title translating to English as “The Mutilated Silence of Being,” De Verminkte stilte van het zijn is the first Hagetisse album completely in Dutch. The lyrics deal with existential dread, death, religion, grief, and devastation, and the album has thus become a very personal album for de Jong. Hiding in plain sight is the struggle with someone’s past in relation to the here and now, and musically, Hagetisse makes this manifest with a richly ripp(l)ing meldodicism that’s at once sorrowful and strident. The songwriting subsequently sees de Jong at his most straightforward and to-the-point, fearing not the often-thorny catchphrase of “catchiness” nor sacrificing any aggression in the face of that overt melodicism. As such, de Jong considers this album to be a new height in his songwriting and lyrical skills, and he is not wrong: “mature” is a word that comes to mind, as does timeless. Hail Ancient Black Metal!

Continue hailing with the brand-new track “Als de pijn dicteert” exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Transmissions From the Dark YouTube channel. Begin hailing with the previously revealed “Verbrande huizen symboliseren het geluk” HERE at Babylon Doom Cult‘s official YouTube channel. Preorder info for can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Hagetisse’s De Verminkte stilte van het zijn
1. Sleur mij maar mee in de vuurzee [4:16]
2. Verbrande huizen symboliseren het geluk [4:34]
3. De Verminkte stilte van het zijn [4:33]
4. Daar komt het licht [5:10]
5. Als de pijn dicteert [4:39]
6. Gekastijd vlees [4:30]
7. De nacht van gezonken gedachten [4:52]
8. Een stille schemering [6:01]


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