DER TRAUERSCHWAN – Signing with Soulseller Records – Debut Album in November 2022


Soulseller Records proudly announces the signing of blackened doom metal act DER TRAUERSCHWAN.

Parting ways with HETROERTZEN in late 2021, bassist Ham continued down a path of his own, and as the sole composer “Tristan Moreau”, he founded DER TRAUERSCHWAN the same year in the Swedish town Västerås.

The debut album “Sanguinare Vampiris”, to be released in late November 2022, is the completion of poetry & song that was written during the past two pandemic years.

Inspired by the English poets of the romantic era, lyrical themes explore the naked diary of a vampire, and while musically a bleak conjunction between 90’s black- and doom metal, the harmonic teachings of classical musical theory also have a certain impact. With influences reaching from Summoning to My Dying Bride, DER TRAUERSCHWAN provides a unique blend of somber doom- and black metal, with vampiric-themed lyrics expressed through haunting songwriting.

More details about “Sanguinare Vampiris”, the first single and pre-order options will be published soon. +++ +++

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