DISTRÜSTER’s new single “Die!” and album preorder

Distrüster’s new single „Die!” is now available on Youtube. The preorder of it’s album of origin starts alongside it’s release.  It’s the last track to promote band’s first longplay set to premiere is 30th September 2022. The album, infused with death metal and d-beat, will be entitled “Sic Semper Tyrannis”. The release will come via Ossuary Records. The cover art was painted by Adam Burke – known from collaborating with band such as Eternal Champion, Unto Others (Idle Hands), Angel Witch and Temple of Void. The material was registered in No Solace studio, with M. responsible for mix and master. “Sic Semper Tyrannis” will be available on CD as well as on cassette tapes in two color versions. The vinyl edition will follow in the near future. Full track list:

  1. Nobody Dares – 2:03
  2. Now – 3:35
  3. Die! – 1:55
  4. To Live Beautifully – 3:09
  5. A.P.O.S. – 0:29
  6. Burning. Open. Wounds. – 3:19
  7. Martyr’s Game – 1:57
  8. Over and Over – 4:57
  9. Loyal to None – 2:34
  10. Bullshit – 4:45
  11. Calm Under Fire – 6:14

Total running time: 35:02

The album is also heralded by two previous singles: “Nobody Dares” and “Burning. Open. Wounds.” already available through streaming services.

Album line-up:

Uappa Terror – guitar, bass, vocal

James Stewart – drums

Kosa – vocal

Listen to “Die!” on YouTube

Listen to “Nobody Dares” on YouTube

Listen to “Burning. Open. Wounds.” on YouTube.


Official Site:




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