Comatose Music unleash the self titled debut album from 9 DEAD!

Formed in 2020 by ex-members of The Gurchick Tree, New Jersey’s brutal death metal machine 9 Dead have been on a powerful upwards trajectory ever since. In 2021 they signed with the world renowned Comatose Music – the definitive label for all things insanely heavy – and then opened the main stage of the huge Gathering Of The Juggalos event in Legend Valley, Ohio. Since then the band have been working feverishly on their self titled debut album, which is set to be one of the most devastating albums of 2022.

When the chilling, opening atmospheric moments of 9 Dead’s first track, ‘Abysmal Stupor’ are torn asunder by a series of punching, slashing guitar thrusts an unforgettable, high velocity ride through the vistas of hell begins. Equal parts exhilarating, terrifying and horrifying this album is a genuinely multifaceted listening experience. 9 Dead demonstrate an understanding of song structure and tempo, an ability to build atmosphere that is rare in a genre where total overkill is the general rule and accepted approach. In tracks like the masterful ‘Wake’ the band use space, allowing the fear to breathe and breed, amplifying the impact of the hammer blows when they descend once more. 9 Dead have curated a journey through nightmares that will draw you back into its grasp time after time. Built from skull shattering guitar riffs, impactful and intelligent bass work, horrifying vocal exhortations and quite brilliant drumming, 9 Dead is a monument to brutal death metal’s power and possibilities.

9 Dead will hit the streets on November 4th, Comatose Music propelling its gut churning, blood freezing necromancy around the globe. There will undoubtedly be many brutal death metal albums released this year, but when the final reckoning is made, few – if any – will be the equal of 9 Dead’s deleterious debut. And this is just the beginning…

Embrace your demise at Slam Worldwide where where the single ‘115′, featuring Don Campan of Waking The Cadaver is streaming now!

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New Jersey brutal death machine 9 DEAD sign to Comatose Music!


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