PALE SPEKTRE set release date for AMOR FATI / NUCLEAR WAR NOW! debut, reveal first track

On October 31st, Amor Fati Productions in conspiracy with Nuclear War Now! Productions are proud to present Pale Spektre‘s striking debut album, Bereft of Xerotic Layers, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Pale Spektre is a brand-new creation among three entities. While those three individuals hail from other bands, Pale Spektre is indeed its own beast – a hungry, hideous one arising from the most feral depths of the black metal imagination. Their first public recording, Bereft of Xerotic Layers bursts forth with a bestial energy, but one far more animalistic (and even improvisatory) than conventional “bestial metal.” Indeed, the trio’s hulking attack seemingly strikes, swirls, and recoils of its own accord, creating a slipstreaming delirium that’s transcendental and tension-inducing in equal measure. The specter of primitive, barbaric DOOM is never far away – or rather, always in striking distance – as Pale Spektre pile high these jagged, coruscating layers…only to obliterate and rearrange them at will. The album’s seven-song/46-minute duration thus becomes a sanity-searing experience, and Pale Spektre emerge as altered beasts.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Of Gaping Hollow’s Grate” HERE at Amor Fati‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

PALE SPEKTRE_cover220920

Tracklisting for Pale Spektre’s Bereft of Xerotic Layers
1. LXXXIII Helcoid Sanguine Maculation Shrouded
2. MMXIX Of Gaping Hollow’s Grate
3. XCIII Raising Cinder in Morne Bethel
4. LXXXVI Tacent over Obsidian Bastille
5. LXXXIX In Anguine Redivivus Virulence
6. XCVI Bereft of Xerotic Layers
7. XC Riven Spirits Shall Abide

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