RIENAUS set release date for new KVLT album, reveal first track – features members of AZAZEL+++


KVLT announces November 25th as the international release date for Rienaus‘ highly anticipated third album, Luciferille.

Formed in 2009 and led by the iron fist of erstwhile Azazel member Mavrofos, Rienaus have quietly built a sizable catalog of paradigmatic Finnish black metal. With two albums, three demos, an EP, a split album, and even a live record to their blasphemous name, Rienaus have dependably and doggedly pursued their vision with nary a misstep: so pure, so cold, traditional Finnish hunger – no more, but definitely less. An idiom doesn’t “need” anything when it is already in its perfect state.

And so it goes with Rienaus‘ third album, Luciferille. Immediately, those chill winds of melodic mysticism blow across this tight ‘n’ concise 35-minute record: freezing fire fueled by unfiltered emotion and inner darkness, performed with a conviction one can truly FEEL. As ever, Mavrofos finds that ever-elusive production style that’s both clear ‘n’ shimmering and just a bit roughed-up and raw, allowing the subtly spiraling guitar parts to take hold of the listener’s soul and whip him into a hypnosis of transcendental proportions. However, whereas the hallmarks of the classic Finnish black metal sound are present – both pulsing gallop and hateful headbang, shifting with ease and when the album’s seven central songs call for it – Rienaus manage to explore (subtly, effortlessly) a number of dynamics not often found alongside such tropes, like downtempo clang and almost-motorik grind. But, of course, Luciferille sounds and feels BLACK METAL above all.

To restate the obvious, Finnish black metal doesn’t need to “be” anything more than it already is, and Rienaus deeply understand this intrinsic truth. Discover that truth – again, or for the first time – with Luciferille.

Discover the first truth with the brand-new track “Äärellä viimeisen portin” HERE at KVLT‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Rienaus’ Luciferille
1. Alkusoitto
2. Uhrattavaksi Siunattu
3. Luciferille
4. Saatanan Valtakunnassa
5. Äärellä viimeisen portin
6. Pedon Merkki
7. Kuilu
8. Äänet yössä


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