MELECHESH – Release Instrumental Version Of Their Acclaimed 2010 Album “The Epigenesis”


Masters of Sumerian black metal, MELECHESH, are proud to release the fully instrumental version of their acclaimed 2010 album, The Epigenesis. The album was among the first productions of Istanbul’s then newly built flagship recording studio Babajim. It features a variety of traditional instruments, such as yayli tanbur, Azeri tar, baglama saz, Indian sitar and Persian santur, as well as 12-string guitars, evoking the spirit of Istanbul, a city that has always been a melting pot of different cultures. Right on time for the album’s twelfth anniversary, MELECHESH invite you to revisit The Epigenesis and dive back into its immersive and eclectic compositions that can easily hold their ground even without the vocal tracks present. As of today, The Epigenesis: The Instrumentals is available for your listening pleasure on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

MELECHESH released their sixth studio album, Enki, in 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records. A follow-up is currently being recorded in Greece and planned to be released in 2023.



MELECHESH founder Ashmedi commented:
“A gem from the vaults of Nuclear Blast. When we did The Epigenesis, we made a version without any vocals and adjusted the mix and mastering accordingly. The result turned out to be phenomenal. With this version, there are a lot of hidden melodies and nuances. The listeners can immerse themselves in the music and make it their own journey. The great part is having all of you Nomads out there doing vocal covers to whatever song you like. It will have your own personal touch. I wont be there to back you in the track, it is your own gig! Immerse yourselves, bang your heads, and journey to the depth of your microcosms with The Epigenesis: Instrumentals”


The Epigenesis: The Instrumentals

01. Ghouls Of Niveneh
02. Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin
03. Sacred Geometry
04. The Magickan And The Drones
05. Mystics Of The Pillar
06. When Halos Of Candles Collide
07. Defeating The Giants
08. Illumnation: The Face Of Shamash
09. Negative Theology
10. A Greater Chain Of Being
11. The Epigenesis

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