Chilean folk doom metal band MOURNUMENT shares second video and full details on “Smouldering Into Dust”

As a second video from their debut album “Smouldering Into Dust“, Chilean doom metal band Mournument presents “A Funeral Poem” which, by its words conveys the feeling of wanting to abandon everything when hope is over. This feeling of detachment from life itself forms part of those who live in melancholy and loneliness. This is reflected in the lyrics and is something which those who live in such agony will be able to identify with.


Mournument started activities in 2021 after Niklas (Deveneror, ÆRA, Forestfather, Flesh Configuration) and A.P. (Sol Sistere, Concatenatus, The Ancient Doom) met and discussed the creation of a new artistic vessel, considering some musical styles that has not been well explored in their home country Chile, taking aspects of the deepest and most emotional tunes of traditional Chilean folklore, combined with a melancholic Doom Metal approach. Mournument will not hesitate in showing stark influences from fellow countrymen Uaral while embracing the melancholy of Agalloch together with the folk spirit of Empyrium or Estatic Fear.

Mournument´s music is melancholy with elegantly adorned melodies which lulls the listener into a feeling of catharsis together with the funeral speech that the band presents to us. 

“Smouldering Into Dust” will be out next November 4th 2022 via Ardua Music on CD and digital formats. Preorders are available at the label´s webshop or Bandcamp.

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