LEGENDARIUM Release Announce New Album “Death’s Hand In Yours”


Dutch metal band LEGENDARIUM will release their new album “Death’s Hand In Yours” on December 9th 2022 on CD and all streaming platforms. In addition to beginning pre-orders for the album, the band are also streaming the album’s title track on Bandcamp.

Band founder Laurence Kerbov comments: 

“This song was really meant as an homage to Children of Bodom, who massively inspired me during the writing and recording of this album. In the end it turned out quite different from what I had intended, but in a good way. I love the way it all came together.”



1. Death’s Hand In Yours    
2. Arcane Magics of Ancient Origins    
3. The Demonic    
4. Caelador, Destroyer    
5. …And All Shall Perish    
6. Black Magic,Touch of Evil    
7. Killing Fields    
8. Agrippa    
9. Immortal    
10. The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls

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